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YouTube. Suspect zero free download movie. Suspect zero free download sites. SUSPECT ZERO (2004. Ben Kingsley, Aaron Eckhart, Carrie-Anne Moss, Harry J. Lennix, Kevin Chamberlin, Chloe Russell, Nicole DeHuff, William Mapother. (Dir: E. Elias Merhige)
'Se7en' – 'Silence of the Lambs. Zero'
Trying to make a serial killer film, a sub genre that appears to have overtaken the unstoppable killing machine teen slasher (think Jason or Freddy) that took horror films to another level, must be like attempting to build a snowman in July: not much fun and pointless since it's damn near impossible to perfect an impossibility.
Take the case of this unique perspective to a 15 minutes-of-fame and ticking category : a serial killer killing serial killers! OK now try to convince me for nearly two hours of my time why I should care? Well it was a good idea.
Anyway the premise of the latest style over substance take on it is having a disgraced FBI profiler named Mackelway (Eckhart) being reassigned to the desert of New Mexico when he finds the dullness only adding to his current state of blinding migraines (he chomps on aspirin like Chiclets) until a ghastly murder is found at the border – literally – with some follow up faxes sent directly to him. It seems a former specialty agent, O'Ryan (Sir Ben acting up a storm) who was assigned to a shadowy sect project entitled Icarus (read: getting too close to the sun; burning – foreshadowing of things to come) where highly intelligent applicants were able to 'see' the minds of serial killers at work and transcribing their thoughts into para psychological scribblings in charcoal pencil that would lead them to their quarry. Apparently it has affected O'Ryan to the point of obsession and causing him to act as a rogue executioner of the filth he was assigned to locate. What happens next is a series of murders of murderers that lead a grisly wake to some serious soul searching for one Agent Mackelway. To complicate matters his former partner – and ex-lover – Agent Kulok (Moss) has been called in to help him and his new prickly boss Charelton (Lennix also late of the 'Matrix' flicks) crack the case wide open.
I admit it seems a tad outrageous that someone could psychically forecast an upcoming crime however it is set in fiction and there was a cool 'X-Files' episode 'Unruhe' that had a similar story but it involved Polaroids instead of sketchings. Regardless you have to give the creative team an A for effort yet the screenplay by Zak Penn and Billy Ray is a Luke-warm reheating of 'Se7en' with Kingsley as an ersatz John Doe serving up justice with a nasty slicing off of the victims' eyelids to show what he sees they see and the 'Silence of the Lambs' backbiting of its federal peacekeepers at odds with what they cannot.
Eckhart seems wasted of his talent in a somewhat muted turn – he should be more tortured if that is what his character is implied to be and Moss is undeniably sleepwalking her way through the film no thanks to bad lighting making one of the screen's most lovely women look downright homely. Kingsley has proven to be a very versatile actor notably ditching his Gandhi peace for sinister doings in 'Sexy Beast' a few years ago and here he makes the most of his deeply troubled psychic warrior with a few moments of glass sharp scares.
Director Merhige a relative newcomer employs the usual shaky camera work with some interesting visual courtesy of his ace cinematographer Michael Chapman with its desaturated colors and vibrantly dark moments that underlie the terror at hand. Too bad it couldn't shed it in a more intriguing light.

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About the project Site map Contacts Copyright 2018-2020. All rights reserved. All trademarks, copyrights and content belongs to their respective owners. All information on the project is provided for informational purposes only. The administration is not responsible for the files on this portal. Suspect zero free download movies. Try the Next Generation of Product Design Software for Free Built from the powerful and proven elements of Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate and ProductView, Creo has emerged as a powerful new paradigm in 3D product design. Creo offers an integrated family of solutions to help you throughout the product development process. By enabling a range of stakeholders in the design process, Creo allows for greater communication, flexibility and efficiency for organizations both internally and externally. Experience its power, agility, and speed by trying the product first-hand at no cost to you with these free Creo downloads and trials: Creo Parametric - Create robust parametric geometry that builds off your early sketches and simple models. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express – Combine the simplicity of 2D with the benefits of 3D with this lightweight, easy-to-learn free software Creo Sketch – Capture ideas with 2D sketches. Seamlessly share and reuse data more effectively by sharing digital sketches created in this intuitive 2D CAD app Experience first-hand how Creo can tackle your product design challenges, empowering you to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

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